4 May 2018

On the past festive days off, on April 29 and 30, in the Russian Drama Theater, the festive concerts "Dance of the Dance" dedicated to the international dance day were held.

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4 May 2018

The Buryat National Song and Dance Theater "Baikal" conducts a video and audio contest "The Escaping Heritage", with the support of the Regional Project Office as part of the project "100 unique villages of Buryatia".

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28 Apr 2018

We invite you to a concert dedicated to the international dance day!

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24 Apr 2018

Children's dance studio "Uyan Balig" at the Baikal Theater announces the recruitment of boys at the age of 8-11.

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24 Apr 2018

THE THEATER "BAIKAL" COMES TO ZAKAMENSK! From 7 to 15 May in the Zakamensky district will be a series of visiting festive concerts

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18 Apr 2018

Reportage of the "ATV" TV company about the upcoming concert of the new chamber group "Daida".

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16 Apr 2018

At the international competition-festival "SIBERIAN WINES STARS", the middle group of the ensemble became a laureate of the 2 nd degree in the nomination "folk dance (5-9 years)", the middle group - laureates of 1 degree in the nomination "folk dance (10-12 years)"!

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30 Mar 2018

The winner of the contest of design projects for the improvement of the embankment was the project UU318!

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27 Mar 2018

We congratulate the children's dance studio "Uyan Balig" with the award - the Diploma of the Laureate of the 1st degree of the All-Russian festival-competition of children's creativity "Star Rain", which took place from March 23 to 25 in Krasnoyarsk! The head of the group is People's Artist of Buryatia Donara Baldantseren.

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25 Mar 2018

Dear colleagues, the "Baikal" Theater cordially congratulates you on our professional holiday - the Day of the Culture Worker! We wish you constant creative search, flight of imagination, embodiment in life of the conceived, happiness and health! Let your life always be on the wave of creative growth, and next to you will be those who inspire new achievements! Congratulations!

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23 Mar 2018

March 18 at the State Kremlin Palace, was the All-Russian Folk Art Festival "Dance and Sing, my Russia!". This year the festival was held for the second time and gathered on the same stage 15 state theaters and ensembles, including the song and dance theater "Baikal".

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20 Mar 2018

On March 18, the first creative evening of the young musician Ludub Ochirova was performed on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theater, accompanied by the National Orchestra of Buryatia.

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«Show of dance» – новая премьера театра «Байкал» На выходных артисты представили новую эксклюзивную программу. В основе смесь разных стилей - современные танцы в этнической обработке. #showofdance #театрбайкал #танцы #theatrebaikal


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