Events of national importance, economic forums, the arrival of distinguished guests, political elections, scientific symposiums and conferences, the opening of new facilities, the successful completion of labor processes, as well as regional, republican and regional events, invariably take place with our participation.

The theater can provide a wide range of services in carrying out various cultural events with the participation of professional artists working in different genres and Buryat pop stars. The team has professional music and light equipment, can develop an exclusive script; provide professional leading, the services of a photographer, videographer. This will make your event unforgettable.

Individual approach to each event, attentive attitude to the customer, unique ideas and their embodiment will create a favorable cultural space, through which your goals will be achieved.

The theater tours the regions of the republic a lot. For rural audiences and residents of the districts the theater offers festive concerts, colorful performances from the plays "The Spirit of the Ancestors", "The Glitter of Asia"; projects "Amaraltyn udeshae", "Ugtamzhyn naadan", "Tungalag Nuur" - with the participation of the Orchestra of Buryat folk instruments and theater soloists, etc. Applications for tours to the regions of the republic are accepted.

The main events in the life of your team, settlement, district, city - together with the theater "Baikal"!

Wedding. Colorful scenarios of wedding celebrations taking into account the traditions and rites of the groom and the bride. Guests of your wedding, the bride and groom will briefly become wedding participants! Professional musical equipment, an exclusive script, famous artists, hosts, photographers, video operators! Services in the decoration of the hall, invitations with a unique design. Time to prepare for the wedding should be a real holiday of the soul and heart!
Milan. The great mystery - the birth of a man from ancient times is celebrated in Buryatia. Meet Milan - the anniversary of the child with us! Let the small citizen of Buryatia, in the circle of the closest people, meet his anniversary, hear the words of parting words and good wishes. This landmark event can be captured in video and photo.
Birthday, anniversaries. On this day the angels from heaven descend, to congratulate the birthday or the jubilee. This day is always a certain stage, a time to stop and look around, reflect, rejoice, and please our most intimate people. Let this day be remembered not only by you, but also by your guests!
VIP events. We provide services to accompany business events, including meetings of VIP guests at the plane's ramp, the provision of art rooms, a ceremony, the inauguration of events. Thanks to our skill, your goals will be achieved. Achieve your goals with us!
All cultural events - turnkey! The keys to the hearts of people will find with us!



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3 июля утренним поездом в Бурятию прибыл Досточтимый Жадо Ринбоче. Жадо Ринбоче будет даровать Учение Дуйнхор Ван жителям России и Монголии. Театр Байкал исполнил песню Угтамжа . Благодарим Театр Байкал #Театрбайкал #буддизм #бурятия


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