Buryat State National Theatre of Song and Dance Baikal

Buryat State National Theatre of Song and Dance «Baikal»

Here, even the sun rises differently - with the grandeur of theSayan peaks and the grace ofsteppe nobility it skims the tops of century old cedars, gently wrapping river valleys with its warmth, andlighting up the vast Baikal smooth with a myriad of sparkles. As if it follows the sun passage, it explodes with colour to mark a new day, and by night retires beyond the age-old mountains leaving just a light trail on the water surface.

“The Baikal Blossom” is a signature project of Baikal theatre. Just like the nature of the lake itself, the Baikal Blossom is impetus yet graceful, gentle and forceful at the same time. Menedeshen, Our girls, Puppets’ dance are among other acclaimed productions that Baikal has been staging since 1950s to showcase and promote the art and culture of the people living by the famous lake.

Charming display, Fantastic vibrancy, expression and poetry - these are just a few of manywords of praise that established international publications used to review Baikal productions.The theatre enjoyed a great successwith diverse international audiences, and although Baikal is often on tour across Europe and America, it maintains its vital connection withBuryatia, the land where burning summer heat gives place to arctic winds in the cold months, and where the theatre draws inspiration from its nature: the GreatLake, sky-high peaks, vast valleys and rich taiga forests. Perhaps that could be the reason of its continued success?


Geneviève Guillon, president of the Academy of the World Dance said about the theatre director: DandarBadluev is an outstanding choreographer of our time. He raised a world-class company.

Each dance that Baikal stages is a performance on its own, and their names tell for themselves: The Breath of Western Lake, The Black Pearl of a Golden Dragon, The Flying goddess Dunhuan. In addition to these, there are alsolarger, truly exquisite projects that have been completed such as The Spirit of Ancestors and The Splendour of Asia.


Meditation-likestyle of singing coupled with Baikals unique voices conveysan authentic spirit of the Buryat ethnos. It reverberates in the hearts of the young and old Buryats alike, making the latter weep and the former experience an almost tangible touch of their heritage.

The theatres productions often balance between the real world and an ephemeral one introducing mystical components to the show. The audience is taken to the old great steppe where faint rhythm of a shamans tambourine mixes with wind and horses hoofs trampling, and morin-huur accompanies a nomads protracted singing.


Everyone on earth has their own mission, and Baikal believes that they have one too. The one that is vast and ample, and is weaved from legends and the history of Buryatia along with the people who make that history. The people who chose to do more than just singing, dancing or playing instruments. Baikal chose its own way that demands intuition, intelligence, strength and unselfishness in the search of something that is almost forgotten and lost, the search of the true self through the sounds and songs that have been heard just in these lands, and nowhere else.

A long journey full of feelings and desire to find that special note, step or movement is still ahead - it beacons and invites us. Our ancestors have lain that way which now iscalling for their descendants. Admiration, recognition, applause, distinguished stages and big city lights could lie ahead for Baikal, but only for one thing to remain constant – theonly place by the Great Lake where you would return to over and over again, which nourishes and inspires, and where you are loved and missed. And only that place, just one in the whole world reminds us that there is no end to the search.


We are named Baikal, and in the spirit of our Ancestors we are to carry that good name in a worthy fashion. We do have aspirations snowy peaks that scrape the skies, strength of scorching Baikal winds, and breadth of the endless steppes.

We have lots to offer to world!

Like 70 years ago Baikal is still just at the start of the journey, and that endless road is the only worthwhile and the only possible for us.It is our mission through sound and movement to tell the world about our vision of perfection: that the human is designed for being happy and living in peace and harmony. We tell about the history of a small nation that has been through testing times,but cherished the ideals of kindness and generosity throughout. We bring our vision to the world and believe that the world needs it. Hence our journey goes all around the greater ethnic Buryatia, and across the globe. Every day we bring together grains of conversations, legends and recollections to construct the future of our nation, our history and the history of Buryatia.