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Larisa Ayurova

She was born in the village of Budalan, Aginsky district, Chita region. In 1984 she graduated from the secondary vocational-technical school No. 8 in Ulan-Ude, specializing in "Tailoring of women's and children's light dresses". A participant of numerous competitions of designers and designers.

1. The owner of the special prize "Hudei Orgemzhalel" of the national chamber of commerce and industry of Mongolia, the organizer of the IV International festival of Mongolian clothes in Ulaanbaatar, 2007.

2. The holder of the "Golden Diploma" of the international Buryat national festival "Altargan - 2008" The winner of the contest in the nomination "The best stylized costume" in Irkutsk.

3. The holder of the Diploma of the 1st degree of the international fashion contest of Mongolian-speaking peoples of Russia and the world "Torgon sai Zam" in the nomination "Contemporary Costume" in 2009 in Ulan-Ude.