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Pavel Karelov

Head of Recording Studio
Pavel Karelov was born in Ulan-Ude. Since childhood, fond of music. This hobby, according to Paul's admission, is the way to achieve the influence of his father, masterfully mastering the accordion and guitar, and managed to instill in his son a love for melody. (1996-2000), then entered the East Siberian Academy of Culture and Arts at the pop and jazz department. As part of the orchestra under the supervision of Valery Simonov, she studied and performed at various venues in the city of Ulan-Ude, Angarsk, Irkutsk as a pianist.

Since 2000 he has been working as a sound engineer and arranger in the State Theater of Song and Dance "Badma Saseg", where theatrical programs, performances and festive events - "Ode to the Mother of Swans", "Shiva Nataraje", annual events for the celebration of "Sagaalgan" and others.  

Since 2004, he has been working at the State Theater of Song and Dance "Baikal" as the head of the recording studio. And he is also responsible for the sound quality at the concerts of his theater.

For his work in the grandiose musical performance "Spirit of the Ancestors" in conjunction with Dandar Badluev and Badamgarav Naranbaatar, he was awarded in 2006 the highest award of the country in the field of culture - the Government of Russia Prize. The performance was a success not only in Ulan-Ude, but also in Holland, Italy, France.  

Pavel takes a constant part in the cultural life of the republic, the city, works with almost all the musicians, performers and dance groups of the city, constantly striving to improve the level of skill and quality of their work, as well as the level of musical development of our republic.
The works of the composer-arranger of the sound recording studio of the theater "Baikal" and the author of many hits of the Buryat stage Pavel Karelov are in the repertoire of almost every contemporary pop singer of the republic. The arranger of solo concerts Dandara Badlueva, Badma-Khandy Ayusheeva, Amarhuu Borhuu, Zhargal Zhalsanov, Madegma Dorzhieva, Chingis Radnaev, Nonna and Zorigto Togochiev and many others.
The studio is located on the basis of the theater. For many years, great music, arrangements for performances were created in a small room in the building of the Philharmonic, where one musician with a instrument or one performer could register at the same time. The new studio has become more roomy. Now for recording vocals there is a separate room, in which there is everything necessary for creative work, as well as a separate room for musicians.

After repair, the studio acquired European design and sound absorption systems with the help of modern soundproof materials. Equipment and design of the hardware and other rooms are carefully thought out by the head of the studio. As part of the technique there is a digital mixer Yamaha, high-quality control monitors Adam, a full set of studio microphones for vocals and various instruments (Neumann U87, etc.), as well as a complete set for composer-arranger and much more.
Studio allows you to produce high-quality recording of musical groups, perform vocal corrections, do mixing and processing. The studio creates soundtracks for performances, orchestrations and vocal numbers, arrangements of musical works, audio-commercials in digital format.