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Battulga Galmandakh

Musical Director

He was born in the heart of Asia, where in the endless Mongolian steppes, the capital of modern Mongolia, the city of Ulan Bator, hovers high in the sky. The first memories of childhood, like all childhood of the world, have only one characteristic difference. Around the little Buttulga, music always sounded day and night. Father - Luvsancaren Galmandah, a well-known composer in Mongolia, who wrote more than 1,000 songs and 5 soundtracks for films, worked 24 hours a day.

Today Battulga Galmandah is a talented musician with a distinct personality, masterly mastering the technique of playing the morin huure, bold in professional techniques, improvisation and arrangement.

In 2005 Battugla Galmandy came to Buryatia, not knowing the Russian language, being vaguely familiar with the life that was waiting for him. The most amazing, jokes, after 8 years, the composer was the realization that there were a lot of people "similar to me" around. Today his Russian is flawless, and only an easy accent distinguishes him from the indigenous inhabitants of the republic. And it is not surprising that Battulga Galmandah is a man of the world dreaming of Asian music to open the admirers of this art, as the true heritage of world classics.
As the composer himself admits, an important role in his creative destiny was played by professor of the East Siberian Academy of Culture and Arts Oleg Vladimirovich Ognev and cooperation with the song and dance theater "Baikal". Talking about his teacher, Battulga does not skimp on the words of gratitude. It was Oleg Ognev, Honored Art Worker of Russia, discovered Buttulge's world of classical music, taught the conductor's profession.

The first acquaintance with the theater "Baikal" occurred in the winter of 2006. Sagaalgan was approaching. 
At this time, most of the team was on tour in Holland, Battulga, playing the morin huure, was invited to take part in the concert. From this first concert the creative community of the collective and the young composer, who in 2012 became his musical director, began.

"Echo of the Barguzin-Tukum" - one of the performances, the music of which was written by Battulga. This is a beautiful historical story about the eternal - the love of two young and beautiful people. Love saves their tribes from internecine strife and returns a lasting peace to the shores of Baikal, to the lands of the ancient country of Bargudjin-Tukum.
The Buryat morin of the uhur and the Mongolian Khuchirs, Kazakh topshurs and Tuvan igils speak in an inimitable voice the ancient legend. The music written by the young composer takes us away from modern reality into the world in which our distant ancestors lived. The spectator, fascinated by the melody, is transferred to many centuries ago. He empathizes with the heroes of the play, mourns between the tribes and rejoices in the love of young people. From the first note, taken by the orchestra of folk instruments, and to the last sound flows a charming song, and I do not want it to end. Professionalism of the orchestra is the highest, they are the real masters of their craft, creative and skillful musicians. And Battulga Galmandah - their conductor, inspirer and author of music, smiles modestly, bowing his head in the grateful bow after the performance.

He also dreams that the voices of morinhuur, yatagi and yochin sounded all over the world, and composers from different countries - English, Poles, Germans - composed music for them ... This is the future of folk music, its confident ascent and the attribution to the masterpieces of world classics - believes Battulga Galmandah, 

Following the meeting of the commission of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Buryatia, Galmandah Battulga was awarded the title of "Leader of Culture-2013"