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Dandar Badluev

Director of “Baikal” theatre, Honoured Arts Personality of the Republic ofBuryatia, Laureate of State Award of the Republic of Buryatia, Honoured Arts Personality of the Russian Federation, Laureate of 2006 Governmental Award of the Russian Federation in Arts.

Dandar was born in Dalahay, Tunka region of Buryatia (then part of USSR). Having graduated from the Department of Stage Direction ofMass Performances of the East-Siberian State Institute of Arts, Dandar founded an ensemble of oriental dance “Lotus”. In 1992 “Lotus” was transformed into theBuryat State Theatre of Dance “BadmaSeseg”. Within a short period of time the theatre became well known both domestically and abroad.

Since 2005 Dandar has been holding a position of Managing and Art Director of the united state theatre of ethnic dance and song “Baikal” that combined the state ensemble of song and dance “Baikal”, thestate theatre of dance “BadmaSeseg” and theBuryat state TV and radio orchestra of Buryat ethnic instruments.

Other Dandar’s memberships and awards include being named in the “Best People of Russia” registry for 2005-2006, becoming a laureate of all-Russia competition of ballet masters in Novosibirsk in 1995, memberships in the International Association of Folk Arts, and inthe Buryat Association of Choreographers.

Dandar is a ballet master, choreographer and a director. He has been engaged in ballroom dance and folk dances of Siberia and Mongolia, has been trained in classical Indian dances Kathak and Bharatanatyam, participated in master classes in oriental dance in various venues in Moscow, Kathmandu, Pyongyang, Ulaanbaatar, Bangkok, Bali and Beijing.

Dandar has created a number of concert programmes including Buryat national dance and dances of other oriental nations, that are currently staged by the theatre and enjoying a success among its audience. These include “The Legend of Mother Swan”, “From Sayans to Himalayas”, “The Rhythms of Asia”, “To Shiva Nataraja” (a dance show employing elements of Bharatanatyam), and “UgaimSuldee” (“The Spirits of the Ancestors”, a show inspired by the legends of Buryat-Mongolian people) that won the 2006 Governmental Award of the Russian Federation in Arts.

Among other things Dandar is actively involved in various projects in China as a ballet master. In 2009-2010 he was invited by the administration of Genhe (Hulunbuir province, PRC) and “Poly Agency” (Beijing) production company to contribute as a choreographer and costume designer to “Aoluguya” - an Evenk dance show that received wide publicity in China (www.aoluguya.net).

International performers are often invited to take part in Dandar’s shows. Recent examples include guest starts from India, Sri-Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Mongolia and China.

Dandar has conducted master classes in ethnic dance in Colorado (USA), the Netherlands, and in France.

DandarBadluev is also a costume designer, a laureate of 2005 international competition of costume designers “World Mongols Fashion” in Ulan-Ude.

In 1997 Dandar founded a dance school and an ensemble for children “UyanBelig” in Ulan-Ude.

Dandar takes lessons from a well-known in Russia vocal coach VyacheslavElbaev. DandarBadluev is a performer of old Buryat ethnic songs, and songs of other Asian countries.

Despite his accomplished career DandarBadluev constantly perfecting himself inspiring other members of Baikal company.

DandarBaduev is a household name in Buryat and Russian culture and art, and is most well-known for his work in the field of ethnic choreography. Dandar’s outstanding creativity, charisma and intuition as a director of Baikal theatre earned him a continuous acclaim with both domestic and international audiences, as well as recognition among colleagues.

Throughout his career Dandar has been focusing on both exhibition and re-invention of traditional Buryat art and culture. Two previous Dandar’s projects “Lotus” and “BadmaSeseg” were before his engagement with Baikal theatre and served the same aim of bringing traditional culture out to people.

Baikal theatre emerged at a later stage as an ambitious project which united Dandar’s existing dance company (“BadmaSeseg”), the Buryat TV and Radio orchestra of ethnic instruments, and the “old” dance and song ensemble “Baikal”. During that time Dandar has been heavily involved in management of the theatre and growing the company.

Under Dandar’s guidance over the years Baikal theatre has established itself as a prime example of how traditional ethnic culture could be aired to wide audiences and presented in an engaging and creative manner. Widely praised as a jewel of the local theatre scene Baikal has enjoyed success both domestically and abroad, and is aiming to expand its repertoire to continue serving its mission.