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Zhargal Toktonov

Chief conductor of Buryat instruments orchestra

Zhargal is a conductor and a leader of a unique orchestra featuring a full range of ethnic Buryat and Mogolian instruments such as ihhuur, chanza, huur and morinhuur, yatag, iochin, limba, eberbure. Zhargalmanages and updates orchestra’s repertoire that may include almost any genre of music – from classical to folklore and on to experimental. 

The leading instrument in the orchestra is morinhuur, the instrument of steppe nomads which is often thought to have mysterious powers: it may help healing, it makes animals cry, and once you heard morinhuur you would seek for an opportunity to hear it again. 

The unique orchestra is currently preparing a project featuring traditional sounds of the nomadic steppefused with music by Tchaikovsky and Paganini, presenting the classical pieces in a new and unexpected way.