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Larisa Sharaldaeva

Honored Artist of the Republic of Buryat
She was born in Ulan-Ude.  

In 1996. graduated from the Ulan-Ude Music College. Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

He has been working in the theater "Baikal" since 1996. Laureate of II, IV Interregional Competitions of Orchestras and Ensembles of Folk Instruments in Ulan-Ude in 1999, 2004.  

The diploma of III Inter-regional competition of orchestras and ensembles of national tools of Ulan-Ude in 2000г. A diploma of the "Sadko" competition for playing plucked instruments (Moscow) in 2006.  

In 2008 she was invited to the opening of the International Morin-Khurist Association in Tokyo, Japan, where she received the status of the official representative of the morin-churist in Russia.