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Surzhana Khalzarueva

Orchestra artist
From school age she began to study music. Received and graduated (1990-1997) music school of arts number 1 named. L.Linhovoin in the class of "huura" (the teacher is the honored artist of the Republic of Belarus Baldaev SL). Then in 1997 he entered the Ulan-Ude Music College. PI Tchaikovsky.

In 2001 he entered the East Siberian Academy of Culture and Arts. Simultaneously with studying at the institute, he combines work in the orchestra. Ch.Pavlova at the BTRK.   After the completion of the ESSACA, Surzhan Khalzaruyeva continues her artistic career as an actress of the Baikal Theater.

In October 2007, as part of the ensemble of the Baikal Theater, she went to Moscow for the Sadko International Festival. Having shown a high level of executive craftsmanship became the festival's prize-winners. As part of the ensemble cult-prosswet school took part in many international festivals in Europe (Spain, France). She took part in a concert with Rosewood Radom - an American composer, a jazz musician who played with such world stars as Louis Armstrong, Nino Simon.

In July-August 2009 she took an active part in the preparation and holding of cultural events at the Baikal Theater, which was held during the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev to the Republic of Buryatia.