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Bolot Sandipov

Honored Artist of the Republic of Buryat
After graduating from the Musical College. P.I. Tchaikovsky in 1995 began his working career as a soloist of the Buryat State Song and Dance Ensemble "Baikal".

His concert repertoire is replenished with folk and author's songs of Russian, Italian, Buryat and Mongolian composers: "Lakes", "Dushechka", "How will I go to the fast river", "Russian birches" by T. Shiryaeva, "Song of the Duke" by D. Verdi from Opera "Rigoletto", "My Sun" by Di Capua, "Return to Sorrento" by E. Curtis. With special warmth and love Buryat songs - Tashir nyutag P. Damiranov, Hilgan, Dalhay minium algang deer S. Manzhigeeva, Kholyn hargyda B. Tsirendshiyeva, Zedyn solo by Y. Irdineyev, Amragai hashag "A. Andreeva," Togtoho Bolo ", etc. In a duet performance, B. Sandipov is a confident and reliable partner. In duets there are such songs as "The Table" by D. Verdi from the opera "La Traviata", "Time to say good bay" by D. Quarantotto, "Shi Bidet Hauer" by S. Manzhigeeva, "Noehonai Ayalga" by Y. Irdineyev. 
The tour way of the singer was spent in the republic, regions of Russia and abroad: the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), gg. Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Irkutsk, Angarsk, Chita, Neryungri, Mongolia (2000), Italy (2002).
In July-August 2009 Sandipov B.T. took an active part in the preparation and holding of the cultural events of the Baikal Theater held in the framework of the Baikal Information Forum, the International Economic Conference within the Baikal Economic Forum, the Baikal educational form and the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation D.A. Medvedev to the Republic of Buryatia.